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We make learning fun

I firmly believe that the best way to learn a language is to use language that 1) interests you and 2) is useful. Once my students discover that I am truly interested in what they have to say—their English skills flourish in their effort to communicate.

At BE English, my 1-1 classes give me the opportunity for each lesson to be tailored to the student’s skills and interests. My regular students have the freedom to use the courseware as a springboard for exploring their own interests. For more advanced students, I provide discussion courses and college level literature analysis. For the younger learners, I have sing-along lessons and numerous tactile activities designed to scaffold in a solid foundation for future English skills. These lessons focus on a balance of phonics, listening, preparing for reading and speaking for a well-rounded base that will give your child their best chance for success. .

For older learners we delve into analyzing folktales and literature analysis. In addition, I have Earth Science and Geography lessons as well as Special Weekend Science Experiments which offer safe and easy hands-on experiential lessons which students can participate in at home with inexpensive household ingredients. Visit my Meet The Teacher for a comprehensive list of interest areas from which I can provide custom lessons.

Adults and older learners will find that, with my certificate in teaching Business English and experience in several coaching fields, I am especially equipped to help them define and target their goals both in and out of the classroom.


Personal Skill-Based Learning

At BeEducation I get to know each student in order to better support their weaknesses and hone their strengths. I adapt my classes to my students and use full-sensory integrative learning techniques to keeps classes interactive and fun.

Mentoring & Life Skills

I used a holistic whole-child approach in my teaching which takes into account the myriad of experiences in the child’s life. I am here to give positive advice and for skill coaching as needed.

Supportive and Positive Environment

I believe that every student can learn strategies for success. I get to know my student’s learning styles and give them a tool-box of strategies adapted to what works best for them.

University and Beyond!

I want to give your student the best chance of following their brightest dreams, whatever those may be. I love hearing from past students and I am always available for further tutoring services, whether your student is working on a new project–or advancing their career.

What we do

Private Tutoring and Mentoring

Individual Classes

Every student with BeEducation starts with a private demo, introductory class, and teacher/parent meeting so that we can determine the best learning plan for your child. Whether you choose to book classes one at a time as the need arises–or choose to enroll of one of our packages, each student receives their own custom evaluation.

Small Group Classes

Up to six students in an interactive environment

School skills include social skills too! Enjoy a small class environment based around group cooperation and fun projects! Enjoy special and advanced discussion topics, Storytime, and educational videos.

Tailored Programs on Request

Need something even more specific?

Be Education can tailor lesson plans, assignments, and educational materials especially for your child. Contact us to talk about your child’s needs today!

Semester and Year-long Programs

Competitive rates for package plans

Regular students benefit from assigned days and times and a regular schedule. Modules will follow a scheduled plan and progression determined by your student’s learning plan.

Special Summer School Activities

Special Mentoring and Summer Activities Available

Does your student need some special tutoring in a particular subject, or want to enjoy group activities and summer story time? Be sure to look our for your upcoming Summer programs!

Package rates and Discounts

8-week, Semester, and Year-long as well as Tailor Made packages with special rates.

Regular students receive small discounts on package plans! See our rate schedule to find the best fit for you!


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