How to Find a Top Tutor for Your Child

Is your student struggling?

How to Find a Top Tutor for Your Child

Using a tutor is an important and often necessary step in getting your child on track with their learning. But finding the right person is more than just getting a recommendation from a friend. Use this guide to find the right instructor for your child.
Are you considering investing in a tutor or digital tutoring program? Here are five questions to ask to find the best tutor for you.
1. Qualifications

What experience does your teacher have? What kind of credentials and diplomas? How many years have they been teaching students? What kind of experience do they have with children of your age and or needs? It is important to make sure that your tutor is qualified to meet your expectations and has the skill set that can best help your student.

2. Expense

Most teachers charge between $50 and $150 per hour. Although this can seem like a lot at first, the ideal teacher is bringing years of background and experience to a one on one environment with your student. For a half hour to 90 minutes a week the price is worth your student success. Make sure to find out what is included for the price. Does the tutor offer any freebies or handouts. Are they easily available for questions beyond the classroom? Do they have any free classes or activities that your student can take advantage of over and above their tutoring sessions? Does the teacher have the ability to tailor make lessons for your child? All of these things add value to your learning experience. An excellent tutor will teach more than the subject. They will also help your student to understand emotional intelligence, gain social skills, and improve classroom, thinking, and test taking abilities. As you can see the value adds up quickly. With the right tutor your student success is worth it.

3. What You Want to Outgrow

That we often think of tutoring when a student is struggling and needs our support. However students who already excel can benefit from tutoring as well. Classroom and test taking skills as well as advanced literacy and other classes Can give already excellent students an edge in the competitive university atmosphere. Make sure to be clear with the tutor about what your needs and goals are for your student. Come to your demo session prepared with questions and a good idea of what areas you would like your tutor to focus on.

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4. How Much Time Do You Have?

One of the biggest benefits on one to one tutoring is the individual attention a student receives. In today’s modern education system there are many gaps through which a student with uneven abilities may fall or wear a brilliant student may never receive the chance that they need to reach their highest course. If you are struggling with a busy schedule and balancing helping your child, consider engaging a tutor to help fill in the gaps, give you more time in your day, and let you rest easy knowing a professional is helping your students succeed.

5. Length of Session

Make sure to think about how much time you want your tutor to spend with your child. If it’s a longer session, ask how your average evening at home is. The length of the session and its length will depend on your goals.

6. Pre-Talks/Pre-Session

Many tutors offer free demos which allow you to outline your goals with the teacher, get a feel for their personality, and make sure the teacher and the student can establish a good rapport. Make sure to take advantage of these free sessions!

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